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29.10.2023 / Supreme Court ensured payment of 53 thousand manats to the owner whose house was demolished in Ganja

Photo credited from the blog of journalist Tahmina Taghizade

After 11 years, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan ended the legal disputes related to the illegal demolition of a part of the house and yard belonging to the Agamirovs family living at 183A Nizami Street in Ganja city.

In 2012, the Ganja City Executive Authority illegally entirely or partially destroyed more than 100 private houses and plots of land for expanding Nizami Street but did not provide adequate compensation to the residents. One of these houses belonged to the Agamirov family. Since then, the Public Association of Assistance to Free Economy has filed a lawsuit in court, providing legal assistance to the Agamirovs family within the framework of the ‘Protection of Property Rights' project.

Unfortunately, over the initial seven years, Ganja Administrative and Appeal courts did not consider the case, prolonged the proceedings or rejected them illegally. During that period, the Supreme Court, on the issue, twice made a fair decision and annulled the decisions of the Ganja Appeal Court.

Finally, on June 1, 2022, the Ganja Administrative Court upheld the claim in the case and ordered the City Executive Authority to pay the owner, Rovshan Aghamirov, 52,000 manats in material compensation and 1,000 manats in moral compensation. The Executive Power filed an appeal in the case. On September 2, 2022, the Ganja Court of Appeal rejected the request and upheld the decision to pay compensation. The administration of Ganja filed a cassation appeal against this decision. The Supreme Court rejected the cassation appeal on October 27 and upheld the conclusion of the Ganja Appeal Court. Thus, the obligation of the Ganja Executive Authority to pay compensation of 53,000 manats to the victim became legally binding.